Only  2 weeks left until the date our product will be released on Amazon. On this occasion, we are giving 25 shocking 90% off discount code for users who pre-order our products.

On Facebook:

We are sending 20 #wristwrap on our official Facebook Fan Page at just 1.8$ (official price – 18$) to celebrate that it is nearly 2 weeks away until our Full Launch on Amazon. YAY! (The program will end by 9th of August)

To enter simply:
1. Like Our Page: @ZalordFitnessAccessories
2. Tag 4 Friends in a comment below.
3. Share this post in public mode with hashtag #ZALORDEARLYDEALS
20 lucky fans at random will win this prize! The lucky winners will be contacted on this post, at 9th of August #ZALORDEARLYDEALS!


On Instagram:

To enter all you have to do is:

1. Follow us @zalordfitnessaccessories
2: Repost the pic below  with @zalordfitnessaccessories
3. Comment and tag 4 people that may like the wrist wrap.

We are posting this for people who can not screen capture the pic on Instagram to repost. Be sure to enter now for a premium wrist wrap (original 18$) for just 1.8$. 5 lucky winners will be selected randomly. Good luck!