California, USA, June 13, 2017 – Zalord Fitness, the new pioneer in commercial fitness accessories, today announced its new Wrist wrap line with a unisex design for both men and women.
The new Zalord wrist wrap is designed and revamped for heavyweight lifters. It is rooted from various experiments and passion of Sam and Andy, founders of Zalord fitness to create the heavy duty wrist wrap with a unique look. To accommodate the growing fitness industry and the demand of customers, the product provides excellent wrist support for power lifting, weight training, CrossFit by using the most comfortable and durable materials
“The new Zalord wrist wrap was designed based on the knowledge that we have gained during years of listening to customers and our own experience, to manufacture the best product that can help heavy exercise prevent wrist injuries,” said Andy Lee, founder of Zalord Fitness. “The product is field-tested and has proven itself time and time again as the new wrist wrap that our customers can trust.”
The new Zalord wrist wrap is now available in high fashion black and white stripes design, to be suitable for both men and women and will be available with more color options and features soon in Q3 this year.

Main Features include:

– Unisex design for both men and women. Using best materials (high-grade polyester and spandex), the wraps won’t create skin rash. It provides strong support for wrist joint but also be comfortable and breathable. Your wrists are stabilized, but still, have good blood circulation when weightlifting. It is light-weight, recyclable, quick dry and UV resistant

– Medium stiff 18” wrist wrap: perfect length for good level of tightness and adjust ability. Not too bulky and easy to clean up. It can also provide good support to immobilize the wrist when necessary but still giving support with less restriction of blood flow. Elastic, not too tight or stretchy.

– Durable and washable Velcro: helps adjust the tense, easier to apply/ remove than other wraps. Each wrap has a Right & Left-hand guidance to save time wearing them during exercise. Top grade wraps with premium stitching, velcro won’t get fuzzy or loose after heavy exercises

– Eliminating pain & discomfort with Premium 1/2” THUMB LOOP & Highly durable 2” HOOK. Thumb loop are durable, double zig-zag stitched to prevent it from fraying. Strengthen thumb loop and hook keeps the wrap stable on your hand to unlock your new level of weightlifting. It is essential accessory for you, to prevent wrist injuries

On the occassion of launching their new product, Zalord Fitness is giving away a limited number of coupons with big discounts for early customers. You can go to for more details.

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About Zalord Fitness: Zalord Fitness is the new leader in fitness gear. Since 2015, the company has manufactured and distributed its wrist wrap under the brand names Zalord Fitness to 148 countries and built up its reputation with the 18” highly durable wraps